The SSS participated at the World Youth Day in Krakow

At the Vocation Booth of the Sisters of Social Service an international group of sisters (coming from Cuba, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and USA) ministered to young people coming from different parts of the world to Krakow. The sisters listened to them, shared with them the joy of their call, and invited them to follow Jesus the way He calls them. It was a wonderful experience for them to work together, especially giving the workshop "From Smoke (of cigarette) to Incense" on the life of Blessed Sára Salkaházi. It was an opportunity to share their own special gifts for a common purpose to make Blessed Sára known to the listeners.

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The other great experience connects to the visit of the Holy Father. He came really close to the participants of the WYD by dialoguing with them, by strengthening and empowering the youth to make a difference in the world, to make the world a better place. Pope Francis encouraged the young people to have freedom to ask questions and follow the call of Jesus in their lives, to make bridges between the hearts of people and between different nations. It was a powerful experience to pray in silence for the people who could not come to Krakow, for the marginalized, the refugees and the immigrants. It was also very moving to see thousands of young people on their knees in front of the Blessed Sacrament at Misericordia Park during the Prayer Vigil. Silence and tranquility filled the place as well as the hearts of all those present. People could experience the huge contrast between the insecurity caused by the recent world events such as terrorist attacks and the very peaceful prayer at the Misericordia Park.
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