Religious commitment

is not

an occasional flare of emotion;

it is, rather,

a permanent graced condition

of the human heart.

Margaret Slachta

In order to have a deep realization of the life-giving character of the vows and to help us plumb the depths of their mystery, Sister Margaret referred to them as "the vow of bridal love for our Lord, the vow of unity with the will of the Divine Spouse, and the vow of spiritual independence from created goods." We trust that the Spirit of God will enable us to live out the deepest meaning of our vows. (from the Constitutions of the SSS)

At Pentecost 2017 one novice makes her first vows and two sisters make final profession in the Hungarian District; young sisters in our four districts renew their vows.

Several sisters celebrate God's faithfulness in their lives: twenty-five, forty, fifty, sixty or seventy years of vowed life as sisters of Social Service.