Responding to the Chapter-mandate (of 2015) the Generalate organized an International Charism Conference in Budapest between 22 and 24 of September. Sisters from the four districts (Cuba, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia) and associates (from our European countries) participated, altogether almost 140 people!

The keynote address was given by Father Richard Korzenszky OSB, prior of Benedictine Monastery in Tihany, on Benedictine spirituality, talents and charism. Sister Franciska Berkecz, SSS talked about our "Life in the Spirit" – our enspirited vocation and mission. Juan Garcia Rodríguez Archbishop of Havana and Luis Castillo Estrada, SJ bishop emeritus of Uruguay (now a missionary in Cuba) in film interview shared their insights on the social challenges our church and the SSS face today. After each talk we gathered in smaller groups of 10-12 sisters to discuss the topic and to share our lived experiences.
In the closing Mass on the feast of Mary, Our Lady of Ransom the associates from three countries renewed their promises.

This Conference was a grace filled event: by God's grace and through the collaboration of many sisters it brought many fruits for all the participants and beyond.

  Karizma konferencia Franciska

Karizma konferencia-csoport