Years of foundation

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Years of foundation
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The Sisters of Social Service

was founded

on May 12, 1923 by

Sr. Margaret Slachta

With those sisters who wished to retain and develop the original charisma.




The founder sisters on May 12, 1923

The new Society would send into any social area where needs arose, women consecrated to the Lord, competent in their fields of service, contemporary in their approach.

As our community grew, the mother district in Budapest sent sisters to make foundations, several of which became districts of their own.


in_the_motherhouseIn the motherhouse

Sister Margaret was a woman of great courage and broad vision who saw the social mission of the Church as embracing all of the pressing needs of the human family.

The scope of the ministry was conceptualized by her in the form of a pyramid. The base of the pyramid consists of the works of charity. The second level comprises social service. The third level consists of movements, and the top of the pyramid is the political ministry.