Cuban District

presence_englAutumn of 2011 the Cuban District celebrates the 60th anniversary of its foundation.

The sisters serve God's people in a variety of services according to our charism: through pastoral ministry in rural and urban parishes, and at places of pilgrimage (the National Shrine in El Cobre); and through social work, serving single mothers, people with disabilities, and families with various needs.

Sisters minister in Habana, Camagüey, Santiago and El Cobre; furthermore in Ponce, PR.


Hungarian District

phoca_thumb_l__5309409Between 1950 and 1989 the sisters in Hungary were forced to live underground; nevertheless, the community accepted and promoted vocations. We are grateful for our district moderators who served between 1950 and 1990 and took the risk of fostering religious life. (Sr. Paula until 1954, Sr. Ida Helga Gerstner 1954-1974, Sr. Pálma Szőke 1974-1981, and Sr Orsolya Kálmán 1981-1992) After the political changes Sr. Orsolya, Sr. Mária Szilágyi, and Sr. Franciska Berkecz have followed in the office.

Since 1991 new apostolic ministries have opened for us, as well as new opportunities for our community life. We are present in the life of the Church, (giving retreats, spiritual guidance, recollection days, etc.), and we work in many areas in the civil society including social work, education, health care, and the media.

Today we have eight community houses, one house for our elderly sisters, and five local groups for the 34 non-conventual sisters. By God's grace, today the Hungarian district has 90 members: among them there are 75 finally professed and 10 with temporary vows; we have 2 novices and 3 postulants.

We are thankful to the Holy Spirit for the continuous call to a ministry in the spirit of Caritas in Veritate and Veritas in Caritate.

Hungarian District website


Romanian Disrtict

"We are a community consecrated to the Holy Spirit, which is striving to live the ancient ideal of consecrated life in a modern form.

During the years of suppression 15 of our sisters suffered long prison terms because of their faithfulness to their vocation and to the Catholic Church.

In spite of the harsh circumstances a new generation of sisters grew up between 1949 and 1989. After the fall of communism, when religious freedom returned to te country, they continue the mission of the SSS. Now in Romania there are 21 sisters living in six different locations and working in various fields. Our aim is to glorify God by our lives and work for the salvation of souls by spreading God's Sanctifying Love wherever God's Providence placed us. "

"We minister in various fields such as evangelization, education, and social work."

Romanian Disrtict website


Slovak District


The Sisters came to Slovakia to Košice – the native city of our foundress Sr. Margaret Slachta – in 1927. Besides Kosice they started projects in charity work, social work, and Christian Women's movement in Komarno, Topolcany, Podunajske Biskupice and Bratislava.

In Slovakia there are 39 sisters who live in 4 communities - the Provincial center and formation community are in Košice, the other 2 communities are in Banska Bystrica and Bratislava.

The sisters minister in the areas of:

social work

  • teaching at the Social Work Department of the Catholic University
  • social work in institutions for seniors, young people with disabilities, and in hospital setting. 

health care: 

  • serving as medical doctors and nurses.


  • giving retreats, days of recollection for youth and adults;
  • offering spiritual accompaniment in hospice care and nursing homes;
  • giving spiritual direction to young people.

Sister Sara Salkahazi, who was born in Kosice, was beatified in 2006.

The Sisters started Project Sara, a program for students who volunteer to help families needing assistance. Project Sara is now part of the Pastoral Program of Slovakia developed by Bishops Conference in Slovakia. It is active in Banska Bystrica, Kosice, Bratislava, Trnava, Zilina and Nitra.

Link to web-site: Slovak District


US District

Between 1950 and 1989 our District has been a "bridge" between the SSS living in the free Western world and our Sisters living "underground" in Eastern Europe – in Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. In Buffalo, NY resided the general government of our Community until it returned to Hungary some years after the collapse of Communism.

Our mission is to spread love and justice through witnessing to God's love both with "being and doing".

US District website