Hungarian District

phoca_thumb_l__5309409Between 1950 and 1989 the sisters in Hungary were forced to live underground; nevertheless, the community accepted and promoted vocations. We are grateful for our district moderators who served between 1950 and 1990 and took the risk of fostering religious life. (Sr. Paula until 1954, Sr. Ida Helga Gerstner 1954-1974, Sr. Pálma Szőke 1974-1981, and Sr Orsolya Kálmán 1981-1992) After the political changes Sr. Orsolya, Sr. Mária Szilágyi, and Sr. Franciska Berkecz have followed in the office.

Since 1991 new apostolic ministries have opened for us, as well as new opportunities for our community life. We are present in the life of the Church, (giving retreats, spiritual guidance, recollection days, etc.), and we work in many areas in the civil society including social work, education, health care, and the media.

Today we have eight community houses, one house for our elderly sisters, and five local groups for the 34 non-conventual sisters. By God's grace, today the Hungarian district has 90 members: among them there are 75 finally professed and 10 with temporary vows; we have 2 novices and 3 postulants.

We are thankful to the Holy Spirit for the continuous call to a ministry in the spirit of Caritas in Veritate and Veritas in Caritate.

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