Spirituality of the SSS


Life in the Holy Spirit is the meaning and the goal of our existence.

The spirituality of the Sisters of Social Service is grounded in the Benedictine tradition; our consecrated life is Trinitarian in nature: we live out a distinctive relationship to each Person of the Holy Trinity. In everything we rely on the help of the Holy Spirit.

Mary is our role model in her openness to God.




Our Benedictine tradition leads us to view humility as being both at the threshold and at the heart of all inner experience. The same spirituality challenges us to an ongoing conversion of heart, to a spirit of prayer and love, a positive view of all that enhances life, a liturgical and ecclesial spirit, a love for peace, a warm family spirit, an appreciation of cultural heritage, a regard for hospitality, and esteem for work, a pioneering spirit, a sense of holy freedom, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

We participate in the liturgical prayer of the Church; however, there is also room for individual expression in our prayers.

In our everyday activities we strive to bring into harmony our prayer, our service, and our community life.

Rule of Benedict






The Sisters of Social Service recognize a threefold relationship with the Persons of the Trinity.




Holy Spirit


Our dedication to the Holy Spirit developed over time. In the early days, our reflection on the presence and activity of the Spirit drew us more and more toward a deeper relationship. We realized that the living out of our charism and the development of our ministry would not be possible without this special dedication. (Sr. Margaret Slachta)

Life in the Spirit – from the Preface of our Constitutions

Life in the Spirit is the meaning and the goal of our existence.
This life consists in the interaction of God's self-gift to us and our response.
The Spirit present within us calls us continuously to life by calling us to love.






Mary Mercedes and Spouse of the Holy Spirit

We honor Mary as the Spouse of the Holy Spirit (celebrating her on the feast of Annunciation); in her openness, she is the model of the contemplative dimension in our life.

We also remember her under the title of Our Lady of Ransom, and place our apostolic activities under her protection. (This feast is celebrated on 24th of September)